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Moose Season

The precursor to winter is fall, and it’s at this time, after animals have spent the summer putting on fat for winter that they are hunted. Moose season in New Brunswick started this week. It’s only a week long, and non-tribal hunters must enter a lottery to get a tag. Hunters also seek out ducks,Continue reading “Moose Season”


The leaves are changing to their fall colors, and we saw a full Harvest Moon illuminate the night sky. The moon was so very bright that she cast very distinct shadows. When I awoke to her glory, I couldn’t even see the constellations. The days continue to be warm, even hot with a lot ofContinue reading “Fall”

Deep Woods

My husband, Ric, used to tell me that the week after Burning Man was when fall began in Canada. He was right. Even though we no longer attend the event, in a lot of ways, we still time our year by its timeline. Far away from the dusty lakebed playa, on the other side ofContinue reading “Deep Woods”


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I’ve lived a lot of lives. I’ve been a soldier, a nonprofit pro, a community activist, a burner, a writer, a cook and a mariner to name a few.

These are but some of the stories of adventures present and past.

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