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The Metric System

I first learned about the metric system in 1978. I was in second grade and Jimmy Carter was President. We knew that he had something to do with why we were learning about centimeters. For years, centimeters were just the other side of the ruler, a side seldom used. Although I swam the 100 meter…

Conspiracy Theory

…the belief of conspiracy theories sadly, does not satisfy the reason people are drawn to the belief in the first place.


Winter in Saskatchewan…it’s something. Actually, it’s a lot of things. It’s long. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s icey. There’s a lot to deal with. This is maybe my eighth winter up here. I finally have just about everything I need: good socks (Darn Tough), a 4X4 with Winter tires (essential, for me), appropriate winter coats…


My priest this last Sunday used a great metaphor for faith: that space between the trapeze when a flyer goes from one to the other. It’s a terrifying space where you’ve let go of one thing and will grab another. A lot can happen in that space. I find myself in that space right now.…


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I’ve lived a lot of lives. I’ve been a soldier, a nonprofit pro, a community activist, a burner, a writer, a cook and a mariner to name a few.

These are but some of the stories of adventures present and past.

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