Ambition vs. Time

I’ve written a lot about ambition and how it shaped my life. In hindsight, I think I was ambitious out of spite. I wasn’t really expected to succeed. I reigned back ambition about 12 years ago. Instead of rushing towards advancement, I waited. I learned. I acquired a variety of experience and new skills. IContinue reading “Ambition vs. Time”

This Is Therapy

In lieu of talking it out with a therapist, or going to group therapy, this is where I work it all out. Sometimes it’s just sharing, sometimes it’s ranting, and sometimes it’s wishful thinking.  For those of you who read this blog, thank you. It helps to know I’m not just talking out there toContinue reading “This Is Therapy”

Money and Insecurity

I’ve come to a conclusion: An excess of money makes people insecure. I have no real facts to back up this affirmation. It’s merely conjecture based on actions of the wealthy, attention seekers and known oligarchs. “Everything has to be perfect.” “I’m not easily satisfied.” These are phrases I’ve heard on reality shows that celebrateContinue reading “Money and Insecurity”