On Your Mark…

Well, it happened. I’m finally a resident of Saskatchewan.  Included with this acquisition are a driver’s license and vehicle registration, so my Truck is Canadian now too. The Truck was a long process that required customs forms, vehicle inspections, and vehicle modifications. The driver’s license was equally complex, but they’re both done now. These wereContinue reading “On Your Mark…”

Road Food

I figured out some time ago that eating poorly can make travel miserable. Prepackaged, processed food-like substances found in airports and convenience stores conspire against me, and leave me feeling gross. I like being prepared when I travel. I also like eating well, so in anticipation of an upcoming road trip, I’m starting to thinkContinue reading “Road Food”

Planning & Packing For The Road And The Sea

I love planning for trips. Blame Burning Man. For years I made lists and packed tote boxes preparing for multiple contingencies in the desert. I’d pack Pepto in case of a bad stomach, cold medicine, all the hand sanitizer in the world and baby wipes. I still carry all of those things when I travel.Continue reading “Planning & Packing For The Road And The Sea”