Home Routine

Except for the COVID shutdown, I tend to be in and out of my house. Sometimes I’m home for a visit, and sometimes for a stay. The difference between the two is four weeks. Anything more than a month is a stay. When I do stay home, it’s always an adjustment for both my husbandContinue reading “Home Routine”

Foiled, But Flexible

Working in Maritime can be challenging. It’s not like other jobs, where you go for a couple of interviews and that’s that. There are requirements to be met, and agencies to appease, and if the bureaucracy gods smile not upon you, sometimes, plans are foiled. Thus, here I am, delayed from starting my new adventureContinue reading “Foiled, But Flexible”

Safety Third

Amongst my people, we say Safety Third, something I learned while working for Burning Man. It basically implies that you are responsible for your own safety, so plan accordingly. In my current life, I travel, a lot. After building and equipping my truck camping rig, (does it need a better name?) I added some safetyContinue reading “Safety Third”