On Your Mark…

Well, it happened. I’m finally a resident of Saskatchewan.  Included with this acquisition are a driver’s license and vehicle registration, so my Truck is Canadian now too. The Truck was a long process that required customs forms, vehicle inspections, and vehicle modifications. The driver’s license was equally complex, but they’re both done now. These wereContinue reading “On Your Mark…”

Safety Third

Amongst my people, we say Safety Third, something I learned while working for Burning Man. It basically implies that you are responsible for your own safety, so plan accordingly. In my current life, I travel, a lot. After building and equipping my truck camping rig, (does it need a better name?) I added some safetyContinue reading “Safety Third”

By Water Or By Land

For me this is what boat life is: Work, Eat, Sleep. Maybe once a week I’d get off the boat to buy snacks and other essentials. If the work is enriching, having little else to distract me is ok. At most, I might read some, pray a lot, watch a binge worthy show every night,Continue reading “By Water Or By Land”