Planning & Packing For The Road And The Sea

I love planning for trips. Blame Burning Man. For years I made lists and packed tote boxes preparing for multiple contingencies in the desert. I’d pack Pepto in case of a bad stomach, cold medicine, all the hand sanitizer in the world and baby wipes. I still carry all of those things when I travel.Continue reading “Planning & Packing For The Road And The Sea”

Traveling Hoops

If you’re a traveler you likely know that there are many hoops to jump these days. COVID has changed everything, including the way we travel. There are tests to take, vax cards, masks, hand sanitizer, and oh yeah, all the anxiety. Travel by air is a special kind of treat right now. At present IContinue reading “Traveling Hoops”

By Water Or By Land

For me this is what boat life is: Work, Eat, Sleep. Maybe once a week I’d get off the boat to buy snacks and other essentials. If the work is enriching, having little else to distract me is ok. At most, I might read some, pray a lot, watch a binge worthy show every night,Continue reading “By Water Or By Land”

Performance Art

All the world’s a stage,And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances;And one (wo)man in (their) time plays many parts Words of Shakespeare, from the play “As You Like It,” (wo) and (their) added by me. These words have never been more true today with the rise of videoContinue reading “Performance Art”

And I’m Back…

Yup, it’s me, back online, blogging again. It’s been a minute since I’ve chronicled life online. A lot has changed since I blogged regularly. I graduated from Burning Man, after spending 12 years attending and working at the event. I’m glad I did it and equally glad to have moved onto other things. Cooking isContinue reading “And I’m Back…”