Life Without Social Media

It’s been almost a year since Facebook broke up with me. I made a new account to stay in contact with friends, but I never really revived the habit of being “on” Facebook.

I don’t really post, except for these blogs, which are basically broadcast letters to my friends, my people. I don’t miss it either. I don’t miss feeling the need to broadcast every move I make, what I eat, recent purchases, or random thoughts on a regular basis. I still consume media, but less trash. It’s almost like giving up junk food.

None of this was intentional, really. It just kind of happened. I’ve been working a lot. I’m busier now then I was on the boat. I have a lot more responsibility in my current job, and less time for the banal exercises that social media requires. Besides that, I feel like I value my privacy more these days.

Maybe I’m hermitting again, in plain sight. Maybe I’m just getting older and have less patience for the time social media requires. Maybe my life isn’t as interesting as it was this time last year. I think all these things are true, especially that last one.

I’ve gotten so use to being on an adventure, that living a quasi conventional life seems not worth sharing. And to be honest, I feel a little lost not being on an adventure. It’s been part of my identity for more than a decade. What could that possibly imply?

Being on adventure, provides the impression that I’m moving towards something. But does that mean experiences gained while not traveling are less worthy? I do miss being on the move. But I have to ask myself why I prefer that lifestyle so much.

I mentioned to a coworker recently that when tough times hit, I try to be thankful for them, and start looking for the lesson that I’m meant to learn. I don’t know that my current situation qualifies as tough, but clearly, I’m supposed to be figuring something out right now.

I intentionally put myself on this path with only a vague idea of what I would get out of it. The lesson is there. It’s obvious. But, I feel like the Clarity of the situation will be slow in its reveal.

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