This Is Therapy

In lieu of talking it out with a therapist, or going to group therapy, this is where I work it all out.

Sometimes it’s just sharing, sometimes it’s ranting, and sometimes it’s wishful thinking.  For those of you who read this blog, thank you. It helps to know I’m not just talking out there to a void.

There’s a very fine line between truth and reality. Some might argue that they are one in the same, but there are subtle differences. They are both subjective. And both are subject to one’s own perspective.

I find this to be very true on social media. I occasionally engage on various platforms with others on a myriad of subjects. In the information age it’s not difficult to craft your own truth to validate your own perspective. This leads to questions of what is actual truth and what is conjecture.

Sadly, exasperating this issue is a lack of critical thought both in practice and in training. We have to be able to ask tough questions and know which questions to ask. We have to have a concept of truth in the abstract and understand what that means.

Understanding the purpose of hard questions, and answers that are not easy answers, is also therapeutic. Often, we just want answers, but realizing that sometimes there are no answers, and coming to terms with that can be more helpful.

Life is messy. We as humans are imperfect. Accepting that as a given makes it easier to ride the ups and downs that are inevitable for us all.

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