Festivus 2022

It’s Festivus, and as per my tradition, there will be the annual airing of the grievinces. It’s been an interesting year, with many changes. Let’s see how long this list goes…

Becoming a Canadian Resident  That was a hellava process. After getting my residency, my truck had to become Canadian, another process. I had to get my health card, so I could get my driver’s license, so I could register my truck, but first, it took some modifications. All of this isn’t the grievance. My grievance is with people who believe they can just bug out to Canada when TSHTF. Good luck to you if that’s really your plan.

Working in Canada. It didn’t take long for me to find work. I traveled  to the other end of the country to be a camp cook. Many adventures were had. Then, I returned to Saskatchewan and started a local job. So far, so good. My grievance here is when I hear people complaining at work. Having ample opportunities to make money is 100% a first world privilege. Some of ya’ll need to recognize.

Ford Trucks and Food Trucks  After living in my truck bed for five months while working as a camp cook, I’m definitely a dedicated Ford truck owner. So much so, that I treated myself to a new one. The warranty ran out on my previous truck, but I had relatively low milage. I got a great trade in. The new truck isn’t a fleet model, and it has some bells and whistles. The grievance: It has me feeling a little bougie. I also decided to postpone my food truck plans for a minute. I’m a little disappointed with myself. I hope I made a good choice.

The Boys The Boys are great, but I hate that I don’t get to see them very often. We video call regularly. I’m very proud. They’re both good people, and they’re finding their way. The grievance: that they don’t still live with mommy where they would continually delight me and make me laugh.

Ric We’ve come a long way. We finally live in the same country and in the same house, and we survived COVID without strangling each other. Overall I couldn’t ask for a better partner. He puts up with me, and cares for my well being and even cooks, kind of. The grievance: I can never get him to leave the house before he’s showered. But he always smells good, so there is a bonus.

Next, the feats of strength. Shoveling snow may be involved.

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