Restaurant Again

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve worked in an actual restaurant. The last one was Wishbone in Petaluma, a great little farm to table spot.

Although the boat was more of a hotel setting, we still did a restaurant style service. Of course, there, the menu changed daily. But now, I’m back in the restaurant game as a Sous Chef for a Canadian restaurant group.

It’s nice to be recognized for my skills and experience, and I really enjoy teaching young cooks. And, they are young! Most of them are younger than my kids.

I typically don’t work in chain restaurants. In fact, this is only my second one, the first being the St. Louis Bread Company, which was the precursor to Panera. That was more than 25 years ago. I helped them open their first two locations outside of Missouri.

I haven’t always been a cook. I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve always worked hard, for recognition as well as job satisfaction. I just like to work hard. Every job is an opportunity; not just to make money but to learn new things. Even the most mundane jobs offer opportunities to fine-tune skills and use time wisely.

And herein lies the crux. It is true that not all jobs are equal. Pay, prestige, and respect are all subjective. Often, those who work the hardest get paid the least.

In the first world, it’s sometimes easy to not recognize opportunity. Sometimes, we focus more on what we don’t have. Sometimes, our struggles give us no other choice. But it’s important to be aware of what is in front of us and the possibilities thereof, and then imagine what will come next.

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