Alfredo Meets A Girl

My father was born in San Antonio, Texas. He was sixth of seven children, and the youngest male in his family. He had four older sisters, one brother who was the eldest, and a baby sister. I always knew him to be called Al, short for Alfredo, but his family called him Freddy.

Alredo’s brother, was several years older than him, and fought in World War II, as a paratrooper.  Alfredo was not old enough to fight in that war, but when he turned seventeen, he joined the Air Force, and spent time in Korea at the tail end of that war.

Alfredo had a lot of adventures in the Air Force. He went for R&R in Tokyo, and spent time in Guam where he was a flight mechanic on a storm chaser crew.

Eventually, he ended up at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. Being stateside, he was able to buy a car. A buddy told him about a dance in San Jose, a couple of hours south, that was said to be frequented by local Latinas. He agreed to go check it out.

When they got to san Jose, they decided to get some Mexican food. One of the waitresses at the restaurant caught Alfredo’s eye. He invited her to the dance, but the girl who introduced herself as Dolores declined. Instead, they agreed to meet at Downtown at the St. Clare hotel the next day.

When they met at the hotel, Alfredo was met with both Dolores and her Grandmother, who came as a chaperone. He asked her what she would like to do, and Dolores stated that they were heading to Mass. “Oh, well I haven’t been to Mass yet, let’s go.”

Needless to say, he passed the test. The next weekend, Alfredo drove back to San Jose to take Dolores on a proper date. They drove to the town of Sonoma and walked around the square.

At the end of their afternoon together, Alfredo told Dolores he couldn’t ask her to marry him until he was discharged from the Air Force. Four months later, in October of 1956, Alfredo and Dolores were married in San Jose. They moved to Vallejo, where they would later raise a family.

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