Life Is What Happens…

…while making other plans. I like to live a lot. I go places, I do things, but I haven’t had much of a home life for many years. Now that I’m working a job that will keep me stationary, I actually can make other plans.

Doing guest appearances in your own house has its drawbacks. It’s hard to nest when you are basically a migratory being. It’s an unexpected perk that just might keep me home.

I have a lot to do in my house. Purging is at the top of my list. Our house is 650 square feet. It’s not a tiny house per se, but it’s not very large either. To make the house more comfortable, we have to rehome things we don’t really need. A lot of things. The prospect is daunting. I’ve actually been purging for years, and still have too much.

There are a number of other projects to do in the house. I have art to hang, I want to put up a pallet board wall in my kitchen to hang pans on, and we should really build a bathroom in the basement.

Learning to be more conventional is hard for me. Work will keep me busy, but the biggest challenge will be keeping the FOMO in check.

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