There’s No Place Like…

When I first entertained the idea of moving to Canada, like most things, I thought of it as an adventure. Knowing nothing about prairie life, I imagined alpine wilderness. It never occurred to me that a very large portion of Canada is flat.

I grew up with scenery. In the Bay Area we had nothing but beautiful vista’s. Even in my own back yard, sunset was a stunning show of neon light reflecting in the Sonoma salt marshes before a backdrop of coastal mountains. I tried to drink in that blessing every time I saw it yet never knew I’d miss it so much.

Saskatchewan is so flat it’s a trope. The jokes are well known.

Here, highways transverse acres of industrialized farm land punctuated by small towns. Saskatoon, the largest city in the province is known as the Paris of the Praries. The city is not what I would call urban or metropolitan, but at the current growth rate, that could change. Sprawl is rampant.

But, Saskatoon is a cultural center in many ways. It boasts a modern art museum, a thriving arts scene, live music, a symphony, an opera and a Shakespeare company.

Saskatoon is also the commercial center for the province. Most things one would need can be found there. The city abounds with services and products of all kinds.

I wasn’t sure what my life would be here. It was a great unknown. I had no real goal in mind other than having a home (check), with my husband (check), our dogs, (check) and some chickens, (still hoping).

It turns out that the adventure here is realizing the second half of my life. I’ve only been working in Canada for seven months. And, in that seven months, I’ve managed to see a good portion of the country. But, I’ve come to realize that maybe I’ve neglected Saskatchewan. Maybe it’s time to settle in, so I can truly call this home.

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