Week Two

DAY 1 The more I work for other people, the more I want to work for myself. The work is actually fine. I finally have a handle on things and I have a great co-worker that I absolutely adore.

There’s been talk of snow this week. By the time I leave here, the ground will likely be covered.

DAY 2 Because we are remote and away from everything, safety is a big deal here. We have daily safety meetings, actual ones, not the kind that includes deep inhaling. It’s a good practice. It makes me stop and think before I do something potentially reckless, like trying to take a full sheet of hot bacon out of the oven with one hand.

DAY 3 I’ve started counting days left that I have here. This is not necessarily because it’s bad here, but more because it’s something to do. Every day is (x) number of days and a wake up. In the Army, we never counted the last day. You just wake up do what you gotta do and GTFO.

DAY 4 We’ve gotten some more help in the kitchen. Two refugees from Ukraine have joined us. They are both very diligent workers. I can’t imagine what they’ve been through.

DAY 5 In the second week of service, I’ve gotten to know some of the clients. Mostly, I know what they eat. I do my best to feed them well. The work they do is dangerous but essential. I want to make sure they get the fuel they need to get through their day.

DAY 6 For me, I suppose this could be called applied cooking. I’m using a cumulative of my skills to get the job done. I’m quite satisfied with my current level of proficiency. I’m able to step in and figure it out. There are always learning curves, but that’s where the challenge lies and how I get better at what I do.

DAY 7 And then it snowed.

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