Week One

My new gig is for 28 days, so four weeks. I just completed my first week.

The camp is in the woods in Alberta, and services those who work in the area. I was pleasantly surprised when I unlocked my room to find that not only did I have my own bathroom, but a television with cable. The accommodations are much nicer than I expected.

But there are rules here. We are not allowed to leave the compound. There is a no tolerance drug and alcohol policy. And, outside shoes are not allowed indoors.

The work is OK. I do overnights, baking cookies and treats, then I prep and do breakfast service.

There’s less connection with the workers I cook for. Strange as it may seem, this is actually a hospitality business. But these guests aren’t here for pleasure. Our job is to provide the basics: a decent meal and a clean place to rest.

It’s still an adventure, but far less eventful than the last one. I’m using the experience to hone some skills. I like learning new things and new challenges. I’ve spent the last week figuring out how to do this job, and I’ve learned some new tricks that may serve me in the future.

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