Facebook Broke Up With Me

A few months ago, I stupidly tapped a link I shouldn’t have. Shortly thereafter, my Facebook account was hacked and all kinds of crazy shit started to happen. The hackers started spamming my friends, and buying ads for spam in Russian. I was completely unaware because I was in the Bush and incommunicado.

When I finally realized what had happened, I went through the steps to make it all stop. But by then my account had been suspended, and nothing I could do seemed to be able to change that. Eventually, my account was deleted.

Reluctantly, I started a new account. I use the platform to keep in touch with friends and family who are quite literally scattered across the world. I also use it to publish this blog as proof of life for those friends. But how does one go about reconnecting with over 300 people? Do I even know that many people? Apparently, I was convinced that I did.

Like many things, I decided to curate my Facebook friends while rebuilding my account. Now, I try to only friend people who are genuinely interested in my well being. So far, I’m up to 53 friends, and even that seems like a lot.

With less friends, my content is filled more with suggestions of things to follow. It’s not a great use of my time, so I spend a lot less time on the platform now.

And like most break-ups, it was hard at first. But being in the Bush helped. In fact being in the Bush contributed to the break up. I get the feeling that if I had caught the hack earlier, I might have been able to save my account.

But, some time has past, and I feel it’s a good thing. I still use the platform but not like I use to. I’ve moved on. I spend much less time on the platform now. I think we all do.

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