Road Trip

Oddly, road trips or traveling in general always give me a sense of community. I like seeing other cars or trucks over and over again as we leap-frog each other on the road. I start to wonder where they are heading and why they are going there. And, I get the sense that we are all on a joint experience.

I stayed in a hotel one more night. The place I was actually booked for was frightfully seedy. As I wrote in the review, I would not, could not stay there. I quickly booked another room and had a decent night’s sleep.

The next day, I started early. It was to be my longest day of driving. There was a chill in the air, but it was a comfortable cold. Heading west, I watched the sunrise in my rear view mirror.

I was driving through Ontario, which feels like it goes on forever: a two lane highway, with occasional passing lane that cuts through a forest. The trees were already in their fall colors, creating vistas of gold and conifer green.

We stopped when we needed to for potty breaks and or gas. As the sun started toward the western sky I started thinking about where I would stay for the night. I opted on boondocking on a trucker turnout.

Back in my truck bed, I felt a surprising level of comfort. The indoor filtered air of the hotel felt less natural than being in the unheated shelter I built. My sleep that night was restful. We got up early again to forge our way across the rest of Ontario into Manitoba.

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