Suddenly, I was ready to leave. I had plans to spend the night in a hotel, do laundry, and set off the next day. About half way through getting the kitchen ready for the last move of the season, I got the heebie-jeebies and knew I just wanted to go.

I threw the few items not prepacked into the truck-bed and got in. But my hasty escape didn’t go unnoticed. The planters quickly lined up to give goodbye hugs and kisses to both myself and Rebecca.

Finally, I turned onto the gravel road heading for pavement that would get me home. I still had about a half a tank of gas, so I knew I could drive for a few hours before I would have to stop.

Rebecca was forlorn and devistated. She knew we were leaving. She so loved being in the Bush and having a bunch of planters in her pack. She loved being outdoors and free to roam and explore. Her head hung pitifully as we drove away.

I was anxious to get down the road. We drove about eight hours, not including brakes that first day, and stayed in an economy hotel that night.

Rebecca’s mood changed when she saw the room just for us two with two double beds. I took a hot shower.

After dressing, I went to have a meal, and planned my travel for the next day. I picked my destination and figured I’d be there in time for supper.

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