La Fin

By the time I post this, I believe we (I) will be done. Some of the planters are going back to the farm, but not enough to warrant a full-time cook. I’ve started looking at maps to plot my way home, and I’m looking forward to having a house, with a toilet, my own bed with a warm man beside me.I haven’t bothered to count the number of meals I cooked, but I’ve been going for five months straight.

In Saskatchewan, I noticed that everything is “The Great Canadian…” There’s the Great Canadian SuperSttore, the Great Canadian Oil Change, and the Great Canadian Pizza. I haven’t seen that nomenclature in New Brunswick, but this was clearly a Great Canadian Adventure.

Within the last year or so, I have driven the length of Canada, starting in Vancouver, British Columbia, and going as far as St. John New Brunswick. I received my residency status, which allowed me to work. And boy, have I worked. I’ve seen a fair amount of moose and one bear. This adventure is what I imagined Canada to be.

The next adventure is pending and will hopefully pan out soon. There’s a lot to do and be and see in this life. I’ve always wanted to do it all. But time is not on my side. Im getting older. So, I’m gonna do as much as I can for as long as I can to keep the adventure going.

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