The Storm, Part 1

When I’m out in the Bush, I don’t really have access to news. At best, I can get enough signal to make a call or send a text. To get proper signal, I have to drive the 40 kilometers to the pavement and then a little further for proper 4G.

On our off day, I did my usual running around. I cashed my paycheck, paid a bill, returned something at Canadian Tire and then did laundry. I heard there might be the remnants of a hurricane coming our way, so I bought an extra tarp.

At the laundromat, as I started my load I glanced at the TV which was set to a news channel. A banner across the bottom read: RESIDENTS OF NEW. BRUNSWICK ARE ENCOURGED TO ASSEMBLE A 72 HOUR SURVIVAL KIT.

Oh. OK. Uh, well, I guess I should get the groceries, which is what went through my head. Surprisingly, the store wasn’t crowded with frenzied shoppers, but I did notice people buying bottled water. I picked up some cans of Tuna and noodles just in cases.

When I got back to camp I decided to pack the truck in anticipation of our next move. If we were getting a storm, it would be better to do this when it was relatively dry and calm. I also set up the tarp off the back of the truck to allow some dry space around the tailgate.

The next morning after my nap I decided to go down the road to call my husband. He, of course, was on top of it. He was checking news sites and weather resources and had full information for me. The storm would not hit us directly, but we would be affected. I had to go all the way to town to get a signal, so I picked up some extra bungee cords as well.

Sunset was our first warning. The pending clouds produced a fire red sky. By sundown, wind was starting to pick up. It blew all night. My tarp did little more than make a racket. The sound of howling wind was not an encouragement to get up in the morning, but I did. Planters gotta eat.

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