The leaves are changing to their fall colors, and we saw a full Harvest Moon illuminate the night sky. The moon was so very bright that she cast very distinct shadows. When I awoke to her glory, I couldn’t even see the constellations. The days continue to be warm, even hot with a lot of humidity, but it’s clear that we are in a new season.

I often say that to get to know a place, you must stay for a season. When I’m done here, I will have seen New Brunswick in three seasons: spring summer and now fall. But I still feel like there’s a lot to know about this place.

I like being outdoors. I feel more aware of the earth’s rhythm and a deeper connection to nature. When I was younger, I aspired to work outdoors, maybe as a Park Ranger or even a BLM Officer. I think I would have been good at either and sometimes regret that I allowed myself to get distracted from that goal.

I use to think about that other life I could have had a lot while working at Burning Man. I spent most of my time outdoors and often interacted with BLM Officers. The ones I worked with were good guys. We were close in age and had similar backgrounds. I could easily imagine myself in their shoes. I don’t think I ever imagined myself where I am now. I’m glad I get to do this. It’s not a lifetime career, just another life chapter.

Rebecca made a K9 breakthrough. She caught a rodent. I saw her carrying it proudly in her mouth; it’s tail hanging out the side. For a moment, she let it go, and the animal sprang for freedom, only to be caught again. I gave Rebecca lots of praise for her feat as she marched around the camp with her prize. Eventually, she hid it as she does with most items of value. I checked my bed thoroughly that night to be sure the creature wasn’t hidden there.

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