The Middle Of Nowhere

To get to our next camp, it was decided that we should caravan. In the past, trucks got lost along the way and ended up arriving after camp set-up. I suspect that was part of the rationale for the cravan. That, and the fact that we really are in the middle of nowhere.

North of Mirimishi, NB is a small town called Sunny Corner. Near there, we turned off the paved road onto the now familiar gravel trucking road. About fourty-some-odd kilometers in, past clear cut sites, a sand pile, and across multiple bridges that can withstand a 55-ton payload, we turned into a small meadow next to a wooded spring.

I set up my camp on the meadow within view of the kitchen trailer. With little shade, I’m happy to have my 10×10 pop-up. The planters wisely seek out shaded spots in the woods. Their camps are surrounded by moss and natural mulch, ferns and lichens.

We’re not at a particularly high elevation, about 350m, but we are high enough to feel a difference in the weather. There’s a good amount of wind, and the air pressure seems more intense, especially at night. We were treated to a natural light show of silent static electricity in the sky, but rain didn’t materialize. Later, the air pressure dropped, and a deluge ensued.

Sheets of wind blown rain seemed to be a catalyst for cooler weather. Mornings are chilled now, leading to the reemployment of my heavier blankets. Cooler air makes it hard to rise out of my warm cocoon in the oh so early mornings. Then, it gets even colder just before the dawn. But, the chill is endured for only a short time. The heat of the kitchen has me stripping a layer before the end of breakfast.

Deep in the woods, wildlife is present but elusive. We hear coyotes in the morning, with their high-pitched howls and yapping barks. When I hear them, I call Rebecca to me in a hope to remind her that these are not friendly dogs to be sought out. Evidence of bears and other animals are present as well. It’s best to keep alert. I may start carrying the air horn with me, just in cases.

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