We stayed in the woods near Plaster Rock for several weeks. Although the logging road in became very familiar, the fourty-five minute drive to get to town was waring. Days off became marathons of driving to other towns to do laundry and then do the shopping as well.

The move to our next camp was rough. I was worn out from hot days in a hot trailer and not prepared when we moved. The kitchen trailer suffered some interior damage on the rough roads to our new camp, and everything was covered with dust. Despite being relieved in finding our new spot, getting resettled required significant effort.

The new camp is on Crown Land, that is public land, near the small town of Blackville. Surrounded by woods with multiple dirt and gravel trails, the most common mode of transport in these parts is ATV. I’ve seen multiple incarnations of the contraptions from old-school three-wheelers to multi-passenger dune buggy versions. I’ve never been much of a fan of the devices, but out here, their use seems appropriate.

For the first time, my personal camp is not within view of the kitchen trailer. I chose a spot on the bluff, within ear shot of the river below but out of the sun. My commute is about forty-seven steps.

Although it’s about a twenty minute drive to get to pavement and to mobile signal, it doesn’t feel as isolated here. We are on flatter land, which offers us more sky to see. On clear nights, the stars are a multiple of jewels hanging above us. We see a bit of local traffic on the gravel road, and occasionally get some random signal.

This will be a short stay. In fact, by the time I post this update, we will likely be moving on. I don’t mind, though. A change of scenery is often what I need to get me out of a rut or improve my motivation. Support from friends and family helps too. I’m lucky to have had both when I needed them most.

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