The Aftermath

So, I was hacked and subsequently went to Facebook jail. It happened at the worst possible time, while I was in the Bush without signal. Had I been in a place where I could respond to the hacking right away, I don’t think it would have been so bad. Ultimately, I lost ten plus years of online activity, conversations , photos, and possibly some contact with friends. I had to start over.

Initially, I toyed with the idea of giving up Facebook entirely but decided that this is an opportunity to pair down my online community. Who really needs 300+ friends anyway?

Creating a new profile meant also creating a new email account. All of this still required signal, which I managed to find at a local library. The process was still fought with frustration and fury. I questioned myself multiple times as to why I should continue to use the platform. But, I’ve moved a lot and lived a lot of lives, and it’s how I stay in touch with people who made a difference along the way. Besides, where else am I gonna post this dribble?

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