Camp Move #2 – Plaster Rock

Working for a tree planting camp has led to an exploration of New Brunswick. We moved from the small town of Juniper to a site on private woodlands near Plaster Rock. The journey was quite an adventure.

I relied on Google Maps to get to the new location. The app must know I have a 4×4 and a penchant for backroads. I went from gravel roads to modified trails to tire tracks. At one point, the road seemed to have disappeared altogether. After a little bit four wheeling, I turned back and found an alternate route. According to Google, the roads were unknown, but with the satellite view to aid me, I eventually found my way.

I drove with the window down. It was a nice day, and the abundance of wild flowers created an intoxicating perfume. I saw lots of daisies but smelled wild jasmine and honeysuckle as I drove through the woodlands. Eventually, I hit a paved road again that took me through the village of Plaster Rock and then to another gravel road with a gate. I had a key.

It was a logging road that led up a hillside with multiple side roads along the way. I saw stacks of harvested trees stripped and ready for transport. There were also clearcut sites which were presumably some of the areas our planters would tackle.

After about fourty minutes, I found our camp site, a small green next to a lake. I was the first one there. Rebecca, eager to explore, jumped out of the truck to find a spot to roll in while I surveyed the space and picked a spot to set up my camp.

The routine is quick now. My green tarp goes down, and my pop-up shade structure with mosquito netting goes up. Storage bins go under the tailgate, and my lounge chair goes in a corner of the pop-up. I pound in T-steaks next to the legs of the pop-up that are buck-strapped together in case there is wind. This is a method I developed at Burning Man that has proven to be very effective.

As I set up, some of the others arrived, pulling our trailers. One of the trailers is built out to be the kitchen, and the other is a modified horse trailer used for showers. The planters helped unload generators, and the water pump was put in its place near the water’s edge where young fish swam below lily pads.

There is no telecommunication signal at this camp. So, the information age will have to take a sorgurne. Luckily, I have to shop every 3 days, so it won’t be a total blackout. There’s also a flea market in town on our next day off. I’m hoping for a snow cone.

The final touches at my camp were to hang my flower basksts, candle holders and other decor I’ve picked up. It makes the place kind of homey. Once my camp was set up, I zipped up my pop-up and headed to town.

Shopping will be in Grand Falls about an hour away. I opted to treat us (Rebecca and I) to a hotel room for the night and shop in the morning. It was nice to be on crisp sheets in a tightly made bed.

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