Bush Camp

Tree Planting Camps move according to where the trees need to be. We relocated to our first Bush Camp a coupla weeks ago. A change of scenery is not a bad thing, but it was a stark change to say the least.

We moved from the farm, where we camped in a lovely grassy orchard to a gravel pit filled with bugs. There are tufts of grass near our Camp for Rebecca to lay upon, and flowers and even some interesting rocks to be found, but the difference of terrain has changed the experience. When you live upon rocks, everything seems harder.

If anything, this camp has improved my bug game. I have a two barrier system for the truck bed that includes an array of citronella candles and mosquito coils. I’ve dialed in my crochet quilt hanging with plastic hooks strategically velcro’d to my truck shell. Long pants and long sleeves are generally the uniform of the day, limiting opportunities for floating blood suckers.

The kitchen can be exceptionally challenging when it comes to bugs. I burn a large candle, and use a bug zapper overnight in an effort to clear out persistent pestilence. Sometimes, it doesn’t work, and I resort to smoking them out by putting my cast iron on a hot stove with oil in the bottom.

This camp is a short stay. Although we call it a bush camp, we are just outside a small town with a small store that sells alcohol, snacks, and two flavors of slushy. We have adequate signal most of the time. Real shopping is about an hour away.

We will move from here soon to the next spot. I’m told signal may be bad, shopping limited, and bugs possibly worse. But, every location offers something new. This location yielded a fire barrel the planters found discarded in a ditch. Morning fires are now a thing. The adventure goes on.

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