A Dog’s Life

Rebecca is living her best life right now. Domesticated dogs like Rebecca were meant to be on farms. She runs, galloping through dandelion puffs, leaving a swirl of parachuting seeds in her wake. There are smells and places to explore, and most importantly, things to protect. She is her truest self here.

Just as I have a job here to take care of the crew by feeding them, Rebecca has established a routine of duties. First and foremost, she is my companion. She goes where I go. If I go lay down for a rest, she comes too. I go to the shitter, she comes along to stand guard. She keeps me warm at night and alerts me to other creatures nearby. We had a bear in camp a few nights ago. Her low growl quickly crescendoed to a roaring bark when it came too close to the truck.

Rebecca looks after the crew too. She makes it a point to greet everyone in camp as they get up in the morning and when they return after work. Everyone gets a hearty chorus of her hello bark, accompanied by a wagging tail, a doggie smile, and kisses. She makes sure each planter gets a greeting every day.

In the morning, we are the first ones up. Her first order of business is to do a quick patrol to make sure everything and everyone is safe. She provides cuddles and love and sometimes entertainment as she wrestles with the other dogs. All of her efforts are rewarded with pets, scratches, and treats.

At home, we are relatively safe. Less wildlife, little crime, there is less for her to do. Her yard is a postage stamp in comparison to the forty acres she has to roam right now. At home, her pack is made up of 2 humans and 2 other quadrapeds. She gets lots of love there, too, but I’m sure the adventure is not quite the same as it is here.

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