Day Off

Day off is a misnomer for me. I don’t have to get up at 0-Dark-Thirty, or cook, but I do have to go to town to do the shopping. At the moment that means going to Fredericton, the Capitol of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is a province in the Maritimes, the provences that access the Atlantic Ocean. Although a bit inland, Fredericton reflects the Maritime asthetic. There are lots of wood paneled houses and historic buildings. The city itself lies along the St. John River and spans both shores. They have almost all of the things commerce-wise: Canadian Tire, Dollarama, Mark’s, Princess Auto, and other predictable big box contenders.

Usually, when in town, it’s all business. I try to keep my trips to three stops. This is for both my own benefit and Rebecca’s. She accompanies me on my trips to town. Her reward for waiting patiently in the car is usually a Costco hot dog and other treats.

Sometimes, though, there are errands and other business. If the day off falls on a Sunday, I attend Mass first. This last Saturday, I fit in Confession. Occasionally, I shop for myself, beyond necessities. I allowed myself some time to peruse a thrift store recently and came away with some summer dresses.

Many who know me, know as a rule, I don’t shop at Costco. My dislike for the retailer is a combination of dislike of the “buy-more” aesthetic and a firm belief that those giant shelves will tumble down on me. I’ve had to overcome these prejudices for this job. I go in with a mission and a list and come out sometimes with two carts. I manage to find about 80% of what I need in the warehouse landscape and get the rest at SuperStore. SuperStore is a major Canadian chain that includes groceries, household items, and some clothing.

After shopping, I head out of town, turn the vehicle down a riverside country road, and head back to the farm. I like how familiar some of the scenery is now. There are farms, and riverside retreats, and campgrounds and some Scottish highland cattle.

By the time I get back, it’s usually evening. I hustle to get the groceries unpacked and put away. Sometimes, I have help. Then I usually spend some time putting my own purchases away and do some housekeeping. I talk to my sweetie via Messenger, rid the truck bed of bugs with a combination of citronella candles and mosquito coils, and prepare for the next three day work week.

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