Simple Things

Camp Life has a way of accentuating simple pleasures: a nice warm shower, quiet, clear nights, with brilliant stars, an outdoor privy with a nice view.

Camp Life, not unlike Boat Life offers simplicity by it’s limitations. On cooking days, I generally don’t leave the camp. My commute is less than 20 steps. I go further to get to the shitter than to the kitchen. This is a good thing. My work requires thought and action. I make lists, and work through them, step by step. There are no emails to answer, no voicemails, I hate voicemail, and definitely no meetings.

The benefit of remote work is in the isolation. Being away from a typical indoor work experience allows one time to reflect and consider, observe and appreciate.

Anyone who really knows me, knows I have a well developed flight response. I like being on the move, getting to know new places, and doing different things. Before, I thought of this as an urge to run away. But, I’m beginning to see it more as an inclination to run to a place I really enjoy being.

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