Day 1 Shopping

I had a lovely night’s sleep in a guest room very graciously offered to me. After some preliminaries it seemed that the task of the day would be shopping.

I quickly menu’ed out the next three days, made a list and headed to town. Starting a seasonal kitchen from scratch can seem daunting. Thankfully I had already done some of the work ahead of time, so I had a pretty good idea of what I needed.

After shopping, on the way back to the farm where we will work from for the next month, I took notice of the scenery. The St. John river is a formidable body of water. Half way to town, where the river is dammed, a gushing spill way gives an inkling of what the river is capable of.

I also noticed the colors on the ground. Fresh tufts of green can be seen along the road. The landscape is also carpeted with the lively tinge.

The previous night’s snow turned to rain. It was cold and damp, but the air was full of promise too. I know this optimism is misspent. Warmer weather brings its own tidings.

Back at the farm the owners unloaded and helped store the food-stuff in the cooking trailer. I retreated to the warm house where I made a prep list for the next day. I will have one day of prep, and then it all begins: Breakfast at 6:00 AM.

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