Long Road

I made a change to my route. On Monday I headed to Thunder Bay on Lake Superior. The plan was to drive along the shoreline and enjoy the view. My first experience of lake-affect snow changed my mind. I headed North and drove across the Shield instead.

“The Canadian Shield, also called the Laurentian Plateau, is a geologic shield, a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks. It forms the the North American Craton, the ancient geologic core of the North American continent.” Wikipedia

It’s a long road of plateaus and lakes and rivers and creeks and trees. Several times were signs to check fuel levels because of a lack of services on the road ahead.

Although there were lots of signs warning of moose, I saw none. But, their existence on this road was evident from the truckers, many of whom had heavy duty crash bars across the grill of their rigs.

After two mornings in a cold truck bed, I decided to treat us to a motel room. I was feeling gross and needed a shower. Rebecca very quickly claimed a bed, rolling around on her back across the bed spread.

It turned out to be a good choice, as it snowed about 3″ last night. It also gave us a nice warm lazy morning, that we kind of needed.

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