I didn’t get as much done as I hoped for yesterday. But, I think I can get out of here in a coupla hours time. In my mind as long as I leave before noon, I’m OK. I only scheduled an 8-1/2 hour drive today.

I’ve been laying in bed almost an hour, dozing a little and thinking about what has to be done. I’m thankful for my list. I’m still a bit muddled in the head. I’d be lost without the list.

10:52 AM

The Truck is packed. Rebecca knows something is happening. I’m all ready to go, but Canadian Spring says no. Just three hours away from home, where this journey begins, it’s snowing and the roads are closed.

As much as I want to get going, waiting in the back of a cold truck for the roads to open doesn’t sound as appealing as sleeping in my own bed where I can more easily monitor the situation.

I think it’s better to wait.


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