Get Set

This is the day. The day before. I have a few last minute things to find and pack, but for the most part I’m ready.

I went for a check up this week with my Canadian doctor. He did a full work up on me. Besides being a full 100 pounds overweight,  I was looking pretty good. My labs were reasonable. Then he took my blood pressure.

It was a little alarming to say the least. It explains the headaches I’ve been having as well as some of the dippiness. There are likely a few culprits. I’ve been advised to self monitor to see if it goes down.

I have been stressed, getting ready for this trip. Now that all the pieces are in place, hopefully my stress level will go down. Work will help.

The thing I love about cooking is that when I do it, I feel like my truest self. It’s something I get to do for the benefit of others. It involves creativity and know how, and feels exceptionally satisfying.  I really hope to have this experience with the new gig. It’s a high expectation and likely contributing to the stress factor.

Today I’ll be taking care of loose ends. I have a consolidated list of items that I’m systematically checking off. And then, with Ric’s help, the truck will be loaded.

Tonight I’ll be prepping road food. Hoping for a good drive.

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