On Your Mark…

Well, it happened. I’m finally a resident of Saskatchewan.  Included with this acquisition are a driver’s license and vehicle registration, so my Truck is Canadian now too.

The Truck was a long process that required customs forms, vehicle inspections, and vehicle modifications. The driver’s license was equally complex, but they’re both done now.

These were necessary steps before I drive across Canada for the next gig. This will be a 3,867 kilometer (2,402 mile) trip. It’s been a minute since I drove that far. My trips from Portland to Saskatoon were about half that distance.

I do like road trips though. This one will be a bit different. I’ll be staying in the truck bed along the way as opposed to checking into a local Motel 6. I’ll also have Rebecca with me, which will be nice. Usually it’s just me and Pooh Bear.

Still a bit to do on the lists, so I’ll be leaving a day later than planned, but I have plenty of time in the schedule. I should be able to go at a somewhat leisurely pace.

Today’s goals are to finish packing and start loading the truck. But first, I have a couple of errands to run.

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