Typically when I travel, I prepare over a period of time. I make lists, think about scenarios and make more lists. This process has served me well in the past.

This time the process will be condensed into about a week. I’ve been thinking about what I need to do and made a couple of lame attempts at lists, but I get the feeling I will feel rushed.

In truth some of what needs to be done is out of my control. Patience has never been my strong suit, but it’s somethingI find myself tested in regularly. Although I feel a bit old to be picking up this skillset, I don’t miss frantic panicked feelings that result from impatience. Given time, things eventually work out one way or another.

It’s of course easy to say these things now, after so many recent trials: covid, waiting for permanent residency, looking for work. I’m still negotiating obstacles. It feels never ending at times.

So, while waiting for appointments today, I made some lists. I still have some laundry to do and a few things to find, otherwise it’s mostly assembly.

One of my favorite lists is for my road food. I’m gonna prep some pasta for an easy putanesca, and maybe do a little baking for mornings. I was also thinking about pre-cooking some bacon which would be good for a carbonara one night. I also have lots of bologna and a good bit of prosciutto I can slice for (car)cuterie during the day.

Preparation brings me solace. It’s the only way I can go on these adventures. I’m good at improvisation, but being prepared gives me the sense of security I require to do the things that I do.

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