The Next Adventure

The Next Adventure is upon us, and by us, I mean me and Rebecca. Ric, my husband will stay at the homestead, catching up on his manly solitude.

This part of our relationship confuses a lot of people. We love each other, but we also both like our space. Missing each other is good for us.

In a week’s time Rebecca and I will travel across Canada to a tree planting camp. Rebecca likely knows something is up and she seems pretty excited. After some interior cleaning of the truck today, we practiced getting in and out of the back of the truck, and then went for a ride around the neighborhood with her safety cable on in the front seat.

Although this will be a new experience for me, I have a cumulative of experience to help in my preparation. In anticipation I’m deconstructing some of the things I had ready for boat travel. Packing for this trip is more akin to Burning Man than boat life.

I’m taking the 10′ x 10′ pop up to make a living room off the back of the truck. The mosquito netting will likely come in handy. I also have to pack with seasons in mind. It is barely spring in Canada. We’re still getting occasional snow flakes and it dips below 0⁰ Celcius most nights. It’ll be July before it’s actually warm, and then the bugs will come.

I’m not sure how many more of these adventures I’ll get to have. Many, I hope, but I’m getting older. Things creek and ache. I don’t have the stamina I use to. I have to adapt. But, I’ve seen cooks a dozen years older than me do the same work I do. Bill Buford, author of Heat and Dirt, didn’t really start his culinary adventure till he was my age. It can be done.

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