I don’t typically write about politics here. Don’t be fooled. In the past I’ve been very political, and I have strong opinions, but that’s not what this space is about.

It’s been a rough few years, and the discord has been palatable. For years now it seems people have been at each other’s throats. Graffiti like comments from social media emboldened people to act out with entitlement and hate speech. Nastiness it seemed was the new norm.

COVID made it even worse, fanning arguments and fury over unresearched treatments and scientific methods for prevention. There is so much disagreement, with some folks, I avoid the subject altogether.

Then, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. We watched the build up, and heard the lies, and to the horror of the world saw Putin’s army surround the country on three sides.

For a moment it seemed as though Putin’s reminiscent march toward Europe was inevitable. America seemed divided, Canada was dealing with street party protestors, and Europeans were reeling from yet another wave of COVID.

But then, the world became united.

Pictures of Russian protestors filled our screens. Demonstrations from all over the world followed. Now, blue and yellow lights shine in support from New York to Paris. The world said NO to this particular nastiness.

It felt like we were being pulled apart, quite possibly by design, with vitriol and pettiness, and extremism for years. It’s gratifying to see that given the opportunity, we do unite. It’s almost like a relief, that we can all be on the same side again. People are tired of being at each other’s throats.

The thing about discord, is its hard on the ears, and the soul and not something that is sustainable. We’d rather band together.

God Bless Ukraine.

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