Heading Towards Realization

I don’t really believe in regrets. There are surely things I wish I did better, but as far as regrets go I have very few.

I’ve been watching videos of kids learning gymnastics skills. More than anything as a young girl, I wanted to learn gymnastics. As I watch these videos now, I still wish I could have learned some of those skills.

But, life happens and although there are some skills I know I will never master, like a handstand on the uneven parallel bar, I am still learning. I haven’t given up or given in.

Life is less a bowl of cherries, and more a coulis. It’s up to you to make it sweet and delicious.

For me acquiring more skills and experiences is simply a way of life. I still want to do so many things. And I’m beginning to understand that my time is limited. I am beyond the halfway point in my life. It is up to me to make the most of the the time I have left.

Perhaps this is what is meant by a midlife crisis, but to me it feels more like midlife urgency. I feel lucky to have the time and freedom to pursue things. I feel even luckier to have a partner who encourages me.

Never did I ever foresee this moment in my life.

I like the life I lead. I like trying new things and seeking out new experiences. I hope I never stop doing that. I’m starting to browse for some new adventures. My goals are evolving. I’m focused less on achievement and more on adding to my life. I just want to do things and relish the story I create for myself.

I believe I’m leaving Life 3.0 behind and heading into Life 4.0; a time of realization.

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