Some People Are Truly Special

Unexpected loss is always a shock, even more so when the loss is a young friend who was full of life.

It’s taken me all day to try to believe that my beautiful friend is gone. When I got the message, it just didn’t make sense. It still doesn’t really.

I’ve spent the whole day reliving every memory I had with her. She was my partner is silliness. I remember one day when she was walking back toward the boat in a somewhat revealing top with a friend she referred to as her “Lady Boo.” I told them all I saw coming at me was hair and boobies. They both had full curly hair, and well the boobies were distracting to just about anyone. Her reply was, “That should be our karaoke name!”

Whenever we hadn’t seen each other for some time we would always embrace and fake sob, because we were so happy to see each other. We joked and teased and told each other how beautiful they are. When we roomed together on the boat, I’d play guitar and sing, and she would always applaud with the greatest enthusiasm.

Some people you meet in life are just special, and they make you feel special by association. Olivia, I will love you forever. I hope that when you meet God, that you make them laugh so hard that milk comes out of their nose.

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