A Rant on Scratch Cooking

Eating well requires dedication. I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in eating well, and by that I mean scratch cooking as much as possible.

It seems odd to me how many people just don’t cook. Cooking is self reliant and frugal. Knowing how to do basic food prep can keep you healthy and make you feel good and smart.

Our health is our own responsibility, and one of the largest factors of health is how we nourish ourselves. Choosing to spend time cooking is choosing to live better.

Yes it takes time, and makes a mess, but think about how you feel when someone makes you a really nice meal. Then, think about how it feels when you do that for yourself. Cooking is the ultimate in self care.

Cooking for yourself is especially important when planning to travel. Personally, I hate airport food. So instead, I prepare myself something absolutely delicious the night before and pack it in Tupperware. I do the same for road trips. Sometimes I make pizza which is great cut in squares for snacking.

We have to be willing to invest the time and effort into ourselves. I write this for myself as well as for others. When I’m down, I default to junk food, which leaves me feeling crappy Depression is like that. Self care is seemingly impossible, and for me that means I eat processed food almost like a form of self flagellation.

But there’s a difference between neglecting to cook and not cooking out of habit. Like all things, getting into the habit of cooking takes time and measured steps.

For me it usually starts with something simple. Maybe a pot of soup, or just baking off some potatoes. Any small feat that results in tucking in to something yummy helps.

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