Diving Deep in Shallow Waters

Sometimes I ask myself who I write for. I do this in response to readership numbers. It’s a forced question, because I know how to create clickable content.

This is something I have to catch myself doing, writing for the clicks. The key to being clickworthy is to stay on target, have good media, including video and not to dig too deep. Nobody wants to read heavy existential BS while standing in a check out line or sitting on the toilet.

People want a quick laugh, a pick me up, something that provides a moment of escape. The only escape I offer is into my own ramblings. I suppose I write this blog to avoid the shallows. I do like providing a pick me up but not with trivial prose.

I remember in junior high, I had a chance to hang out with the cool kids a couple of times. They would stand in a circle at lunch and talk and laugh. When I was invited into the circle though, I didn’t get it. Everything they talked about seemed silly. Similarly, when I use to write web content, the web companies weren’t looking for deep dives, but superficial fluff. They wanted lures for clicks.

For my own blog, this puts me in an odd position. I could write lure content to get people to read what I have to say, but that’s just not what I do anymore. Readers should know what to expect.

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