Winter Begins

Winter in Saskatchewan is a marathon. It requires preparation, a fair bit of strength and endurance.

For a minute or more, it almost seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. We were already in November, but still able to have outdoor gatherings. The Maple Beetles seemed to be on a neverending proliferation cycle. And then, almost randomly, it got cold and snowed. Within a day we were well into negative numbers and a wardrobe change became necessary.

I went to the basement to rummage through a heavy duty tote labeled “Winter” and pulled out a wool cable knit sweater and fleece lined leggings. I strategically placed my lined moccasin styled slippers in a milk crate stacked on its side by the door. This is so I can go from winter boot to slipper without my feet getting cold.

Winter also means a bit of extra care for my truck. I put winter tires on weeks ago, but now I need to be sure to add non-freezing washer fluid. My window scraper, used almost daily, is now in an easy to reach location. And I removed the extra water I carry and food that freezes in sub zero temperatures. We still have to string a power cord over the sidewalk to a tree where I park for the block heater to plug into when it dips to -40C.

I keep over dressing for the weather, thinking it’s colder than it is. Although it’s colder here than most other places, I still get acclimatized. Anything above -20C is like t-shirt weather, well t-shirt with a bunny hug (hoodie) or a puffy jacket. My husband still insists that I keep mits in my pockets.

It might get above freezing next week, and the forecast has a day or two of snow to look forward to. Maybe I’ll get ambitious and get out the snow shoes soon.

Winter also means more cooking and baking and other indoor endeavors. I picked up some library books and ordered a bunch more. I also allow myself time to hibernate. Long winter naps can be quite lovely.

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