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Except for the COVID shutdown, I tend to be in and out of my house. Sometimes I’m home for a visit, and sometimes for a stay. The difference between the two is four weeks. Anything more than a month is a stay.

When I do stay home, it’s always an adjustment for both my husband and myself. It’s even an adjustment for the pets, who have to get use to a different bed and couch arrangements. Rebecca, my big girl, always looks particularly bent that I’ve taken her spot on the couch.

Once I’ve caught up on sleep and settled in, my next task is to establish a routine beyond streaming videos. I like projects, something I can immerse myself in, like the truck build. But I have to keep the projects reasonable, and motivation is often an issue.

Often my projects involve food. This stay I want to start curing my own bacon. I worked at a breakfast joint that did this once, and the result was always exceptional. Who wouldn’t want this at home?

I’m also interested in onigiri. This is among my favourite Japanese treats: a sushi rice ball with something delicious in the middle, wrapped in roasted seaweed. They’re ubiquitous in Japan and have an almost magic quality of instant joy.

The magic of rice!

And now added to my home routine is a return to social media. Clearly, I’m blogging again, but I also recently started engaging in Instagram.

I have no illusions of becoming an influencer. I’m too old for popularity contests. But I am increasingly interested in sharing my story. Call it a mortality wake up call. I want to hope somewhere, somehow, someone might appreciate the story I have to tell.

Previously a persons life was researched by their papers and their letters to others. In the future historians will pour over social media and the blogisphere to understand who we are as a people. Their conclusions will likely be summarized by two words: Why? How?

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