Road Food

Having the right snacks can make a trip

I figured out some time ago that eating poorly can make travel miserable. Prepackaged, processed food-like substances found in airports and convenience stores conspire against me, and leave me feeling gross. I like being prepared when I travel. I also like eating well, so in anticipation of an upcoming road trip, I’m starting to think about my road food menu.

I’m planning to pack a combination of junk food and good for me food for my trip. I bought soda, but in small cans, and also got juice boxes. Charchuterie (aka Car-chuterie) bentos will include meat, cheese, grapes and olives. Then, I’ll have a veggie box, crackers and hard boiled eggs. I keep a small ice chest in the front seat for the perishables. Cans of Red Bull and a zip lock of left over Halloween candy round it out. For those wondering, yes I have a water bottle too.

Of course, the road has a way of canceling the best laid plans. After hours on the road the lure of fast food often wins. If there’s a local burger joint with the promise of a hand made milk shake, and fries served in a cup, Car-chuterie will quickly loose it’s appeal; even more so if there’s a half decent looking Taqueria. In the mornings, the promise of a good bagel and a cappucino might supercede the instant oatmeal and hot chocolate I have in the Traveling Hootch.

Sometimes planning for trips seems counterintuitive. For me, the fun of a road trip can be in the spontaneity of what I find along the way At the same time, in the event that decent food is not available, it’s good to have a nice snackery on hand.

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