Being Prepared

I was talking to a friend recently, describing all the things I carry in my truck. It’s a lot of stuff. It was a lot before I built out the back for Truck Camping, so now it’s even more.

I carry camping supplies and food and water, and a lot of sundries like duck tape and zip ties.”So you’re a prepper,” my friend responded. “Maaaaaybeee?” Came my reply.

I admit I like being prepared and since I travel for long periods of time, I like to have what I need in general, but especially in case of an emergency. Here are some of the things I carry:

The Truck Camping Hygiene Kit: I’ve mentioned this in other posts. As I outfit my new road camping space I like to be prepared for all contingencies, like dry camping where I may not have access to a shower or a place to clean up. I also carry a hotel bag in case I do get a room somewhere and can take a shower or even better, a bath.

Hand sanitizer, baby wipes deodorant and Listerine gets me through till my next shower.

Water: In the truck, I carry a minimum of two gallons of water. If I’m dry camping, I carry about a gallon for every day I’m going to be out. A gallon a day is enough for drinking, keeping clean and cooking.

You can only live about 3 days without water

Quick Food: This is the food I carry in the back of the truck for when I stop for the night. I keep a variety of instant and ready made foods like Indian Palak Paneer in a pouch. I also have everything I need for the morning, including instant oatmeal and coffee.

The Pantry: I keep my pantry in a tote in the back of my cab. In there I have things like canned soup, pasta, and marinara sauce, and dried beans. I keep a lot of basics for use with fresh ingredients, when I have time to really cook. Even without fresh ingredients, I have enough food on hand to feed me for at least a couple of weeks.

The Kitchen: I’ve carried a traveling kitchen for a while. Some time ago, I realized that just because I’m traveling or camping, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat well. My traveling kitchen includes a couple of good cast iron pieces, a butane stove, a small dutch oven and a clad sauce pan. I also have essential cooking utensils, dishes and cups. To clean up, I keep two spray bottles. One with a cleaning solution I make myself, and another with just water to rinse.

The Squatty Potty: this was a very important addition to my truck camping rig. I have a small bucket with a lid, with a specialized bag prefilled with a gelling compund. Should the need arise, the pail goes onto a bed pad on the floor, business is done and the lid goes on. In the morning the bag is properly disposed of.

When you gotta go…

Besides all this, I have tools, zip ties, velcro, tarps, two kinds of tape and ratchet straps. There’s also an extra blanket and a clean bath towel.

I like having what I need.

I travel far from home for work, so I like to feel reasonably well prepared in case of natural diasaster or apocalypse. But am I a prepper? I say no, but only because I don’t carry weapons or a seed store.

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