The Glamor of Travel

I watched a short documentary about #VanLife today. The film touched on how social media is used to romanticize the trend, specifically in image based platforms, like Instagram.

I like sharing my story, but not for attention I hope. I’m not thin and young, and try to not to base validation on click counts. I know I write with an upbeat tone, but I hope there’s a sense of truth in what I share.

Not tour typical travel blogger

My life is unconventional, but that’s not why I write about it. I just want to share my perspective. Often my scenery is amazing and the adventure is real, and I just want share what I see. And then there are times when I feel terribly unsettled, because my life is still unsettled, so I lean towards preparedness. This is why I’m so excited about the Hooch.

For me, a life of travel helps me appreciate everything around me. Those times when I open a door to look out across the water, I try to mentally breath it in. I want to remember the light, sounds and colors and take a moment to be thankful for what I am experiencing. And, this is the real glamor of travel. It’s not about likes and fame, or commercial sponsorships. It’s about real appreciation of the experience with or without an audience.

I know how lucky I am to peek out the door and see this.

I’m quite thankful, that my travel is based in work, and that my work is something I really enjoy doing. While working on the cruise ship, my favorite part of the job was feeding the crew. There is something about providing nourishment to hard working people that is deeply satisfying.

In my new job I’ll be cooking exclusively for the crew, and I’m nervous about it. I put off working in kitchens for a long time. I was worried that I wasn’t good enough, or that it wouldn’t pay enough, or that I’d grow to hate it. I never want to hate something I enjoy doing so much. And that same fear is creeping in now as I ready myself for this next adventure.

Of course, I have a Plan B, I always do. Being adaptable is something I pride myself on. But really, I just don’t want Plan A to suck.

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