The Hooch

I bought a canopy for my truck this year. Having a shell has multiple advantages that benefit my lifestyle.

First, I don’t have to tarp my truck bed when hauling things. I also have a place to store things when I’m on the boat and the truck is parked. And now, I’ve transformed the covered truck bed into a Traveling Hooch.

A Hooch is a temporary dwelling you make in the outdoors. It can be a tarp over a low tree branch, or a rain poncho, skillfully re-purposed as a tent. My Hooch is the back of my truck.

Proof of life after my first night in the Mobile Hooch. Overnight low was 28F.

After an inventory of what I had on hand, I went to work drawing out a plan for a bed platform. Wood was measured and cut, plans were altered and the impact driver was employed. Atop the platform is 4 inches of dense sleeping foam. Below, a long drawer for road trip supplies.

Pro Tip: When you cut wood label what it is.

I also added a foam rubber sleeping mat on the tailgate to save my knees when climbing in. A layer of artificial turf will be added on top of that to make a “lawn” when the tailgate is down. A pleasant place for a roadside picnic if you will.

Back in the truck bed, I plan to install a table that folds down on a hinge. The table will make space to set up my butane stove for coffee in the morning, to eat at, or use as a desk. I also have a battery power pack that will probably live in some milk crates set up as cubbies.

I like it. It’s cozy, comfortable and warm. I like having what i need, and having all of this set up keeps me from feeling unsettled when I’m on the road. It’s my very own sanctuary. Who doesn’t need a sanctuary?

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