Going to Sea

I’m in transition. I was working on a River Cruise boat, cooking for our elderly guests. Now, I’m on the cusp of cooking for crews on cargo ships. It will be a big change, but it’s a change that I’m quite excited about. In fact I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a new endeavor since I joined the Army. I hope it’s not disappointing.

Leaving the Paddle Wheel Behind

All of that said, this new adventure is eclipsing another dream I’ve had for some time: getting my own food truck. I like doing my own food and having creative freedom. But with that comes so much more responsibility and stress and of course financial burden.

In a lot of ways this new gig could be a means to an end. I could conceivably make enough money to start my business. I could also find that it’s much easier to let someone else foot the bill and just get paid to feed people.

I turned fifty this year, and although it’s just a number, it has changed my perspective. I feel the need to make more careful choices, albeit in my own unconventional way. I very much want to continue to have adventures, but recognize the need to plan for older age.

Maybe this is the other side of midlife crisis, since at 50, I’m clearly at or beyond mid life. Going to sea could be a good plan. I like being on the move and the routine of being on a boat. It’s my kind of stability.

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One thought on “Going to Sea

  1. I feel you on making new choices during this epoch of 50+ A cargo ship gig sounds fascinating, does that mean you will be going across the Pacific?


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